Monday, May 19, 2008


Beginnings are pretty frightening to everyone. First times include lots of things: First steps, first day of school, first date (or the first date with someone new), first kiss, first child. You can see how many things could go here.

Not very long ago, I started my first business and it is just as frightening as any first. Will I pick things that people will want? Are my color choices right? Will people like me? Can I make a go of it? All these things and so much more plague me every day.

I have met so many wonderful people and it is my pleasure to be around them. I have regulars that come again and I so appreciate everyone that comes through my shop door.

Knitters Knook is small but I want it to be a gathering place for knitters and friends. There is new stuff coming in all the time, and picking things is so exciting and seeing what is new to bring to my knitting family is just loads of fun.

Hope to see you all soon and stay tuned for fiber and knitting content!

Don't forget to join Knitters Knook at the Sedalia Fiber Festival this weekend


Diana said...

Oh boy!! One of my favorite people with a new blog!!! I do love your shop and if I could knit faster I'd be there more often! See you this weekend at Sedalia, my first attendance at a fiber festival.

Dana said...

Woohoo - - I am so enthused about seeing you on Saturday and I cannot wait to sink my fingers into your Mission Falls and other goodies.

Your blog is beautiful (love the Great Wall photo)!

Dianne said...

I'm so proud to be a member of your Fiber've taught me lots in this area and I hope to have the opportunity to learn more..your shop is's just's personal! The only problem is I haven't been able to get there as often as I'd like..but life does throw curve balls..See you on Sat!~Hugs