Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday's Gone!

Wow! What day is today? Tuesday I slept all day and night, only coming up briefly to eat and maybe potty. Hubby is a great nurse, a really good thing to remember for old age!

The surgery went well. If you're squeamish, don't follow the link. The day was a drugged haze, though. I remember telling the doctor at some point during the procedure that I was hungry and he thought that was a good sign.

Monday night this appeared.

And Tuesday morning we woke to this beautiful sight.

It's not much, but I sure was glad to see it! Even Ann, in the lower left of the picture, seemed happy with it.

Today was for a little bit of healing, but the rest of the week is going to be extremely busy getting ready to leave and I probably won't come up for air until ready to go.

I've been trying to decide what projects to take with me for a couple months absence from yarnshops or stash. Hopefully I can buy clothes over there somewhere as the space in my suitcase is quickly disappearing! ;o))

Take care all my friends, and I'll talk to you again very soon.


Dianne said...

Safe journey to you..hugs

Nikki said...

I'm so glad everything went well Tuesday!! I was thinking of you...

and I'm extra glad you got some snow before you left! Good thing you don't like in the 'noke! LOL we got nothing!

have a safe trip "home"