Monday, April 13, 2009

Evolution and Resolution

This trip to China was a bit rough. Several things combined to make it a little difficult.

First was moving into the apartment and the cleaning involved there. The place was a mess and I didn't take pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it. Then hubby got sick for about a week and I worried about him. Next was the crappy internet that still wasn't working very well when we left. Also, hubby had to take me to the hospital there with a severe ear infection.

Going to a doctor in a foreign country is hard at best, but imagine going to a doctor that can't speak any English. Thank goodness that our friends Elaine and Horace were available to go with us! I bypassed the traditional treatment, which is an IV drip for 3 consecutive days of antibiotics, and opted for the pills instead. The doctor was not pleased that I didn't want to follow his prescribed course of action, but all turned out well and the infection was taken care of. It was in both ears and extremely painful for about 5 days. Still have a little bit of fluid, but the infection is gone.

Jet lag is working it's way slowly out, still have to battle the urge to nap, but trying to stay awake for the day.

Today was for getting some of my errands and appointments out of the way. Mammogram and Pap this morning. I hope all the ladies reading are taking care of these things yearly!

I've been knitting at the oddest hours while trying to adjust, but alas have nothing finished yet. Socks are all that I have the desire to pick up at this point.

I am feeling a little under the weather. Coming home has been a bit of a shock to the system in more ways than one. I had gotten used to 70 and 80 degrees and since I have been home I seem to be cold constantly. It would be great if I could wear my coat to bed!! Also I have been thrown into the allergens without being prepared for it and am suffering with the sinus and sore throat of that. Everything will be fine soon, though.

I've made a very important decision as well. Everyone of you that know me can attest to the fact that I spend quite a fair amount on yarn. Thanks to this and many nice shop owners (you all know who you are) I have a HUGE stash of some of the nicest yarns available. I also have a few Needlepoint canvases and even some beautiful Cross Stitch patterns, threads and fabrics. While away this time, I packed up some of my stash and took it with me with specific things in mind and was able to finish quite a bit and have a few more things so close to finished that I will have an entire post of FO's soon. It felt good! I am already starting to think what I want to get out of hibernation next and ideas are just buzzing. So for the rest of this year no more yarn purchases from shops. I do plan to go to Maryland in a few weeks and, if I can swing it, Rhinebeck in the fall. I plan to make a few purchases there of things that can't be found in my shops, mostly handpainted lace as I have several patterns that I am looking forward to working. I like to think this decision is a sign of maturity, but really, it is just good sense right now. Sadly, I will miss Sedalia!! I am truly sorry for that!!

Still hope to see all of my nice shopkeepers and enjoy their friendship!

Take care all!


Jadielady said...

I hope you can come to Sedalia too! And I can only imagine flying for so long with pain in your ears :(

Diana said...

Welcome home! I sure hope you get to feeling back to normal soon. Hey, because of all the yarn I bought from you I made that same promise, no more yarn shop buys for quite a while!!! I can even think of some yarns I wished I had bought from you and didn't!!