Saturday, June 27, 2009

They Say It Comes In Threes And Sometimes Fours

It's been quite sad in Hollywood the last few weeks. First, we lost the Shaolin Priest. Then we lost Ed McMahon who was the voice of The Tonight Show for so many years and worked with Jerry Lewis on his telethon for Muscular Dystrophy for many years as well. Then Farrah Fawcett lost her fight with cancer and while we were still reeling from that Michael Jackson passed away from us.

All of these are equally sad and I, for one, will miss them all.

I have to take issue with the Michael Jackson case, though. Michael had a rough several years with all the negative publicity in his life and, while he may have brought a lot of it on himself, it was sad to see the once so sweet, innocent, and talented young man fall from grace in the eyes of the world.

We have seen it happen just in recent years to another child star. Brittany Spears went into a sharp tumble for a while and we feared for her life.

I have always felt just a little sorry for these kids who have so much placed upon their small shoulders so early. We, who had the opportunity to be children and enjoy all of the freedoms and innocences of childhood, don't know what happens to these kids. It seems that it does eventually manifest itself in some way as we have witnessed.

The way I perceived Michael Jackson was a man-child. A man so desperately wanting to recapture that which he had to sacrifice for his art and also for his fans. The child artists enter this occupation hopefully because they want to, but probably without a clue how their life will change. They become so important to us, the fans, that they might somehow feel they have to live up to our expectations. I personally can't imagine not being able to leave my home without being surrounded by photographers, or never being able to just go to the mall to shop without being afraid someone would hurt me because they love me so much. Having my life under constant scrutiny all the time. So I just try to imagine how these things feel to a child.

Michael did do and say some pretty crazy things, but don't most children?

Yes I did feel sorry for him and I will remember the little boy who sang so beautifully, but I will remember the man who wanted to help the world also. And what talent they both had!!

Next up knitting content and pictures, and finally my Maryland Sheep and Wool report!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


KnitNana said...

Glad you're back online...I thought they went a bit overboard on Michael, and could have spent a bit more emphasis on the Angel we lost!

Dana said...

Beautifully written Becky! :)