Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the Hap Happiest Season of All!

My Christmas tree is up!!

That means Christmas has officially begun. I love Christmas! Love Love Love it!!

One Christmas gift has already been gifted before I came home this time.

Gifted to a friend who is in North Dakota celebrating time with family. The yarn is long discontinued from stash and I found the cute dragonfly brooch at a little shop and thought it just added a nice bit of bling. It is the Glitterspun Slouch hat without the glitter, but I really like it.

Knitting like crazy right now trying to get gifts done!! Stay tuned.

Tomorrow is a charity knit and I will post about that Monday. Note to self, don't forget camera!

Going through photos this morning, came across this one and had to share. My fancy Pedicure from a couple months ago. I think it was around 7 US bucks!

The little flowers were sculpted onto my toes. The girls who do this are so cute and I feel badly because they get paid so little so I force a tip on them. I say force because they really are not used to it and it scares them, but my conscience feels somewhat better when I leave.

Took hubs back to the airport a couple days ago and he is safely across the pole for a couple weeks but will be home for Christmas. I miss him and speaking of him here is the picture of the day.

I have lots of things planned for the New Year and I will let you all in on it as we go along.

Have a great weekend and, if we get the snow they are calling for, be safe and stay warm!

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Hope to see you tomorrow.