Monday, December 21, 2009

On The 4th Day

This is day 4 of the snow in. I'm still here and have been living in flannel pjs for 4 days. Don't worry I am taking regular showers, changing underwear daily and have plenty of clean flannel pjs.

Didn't have to work up the courage for the John Deere as my son volunteered to do it for me. He scraped but has never used the tractor before so it still needs to melt out a little, but he has my appreciation and I am sure he did a much better job than I would have.

Actually, a lot has been accomplished during my confinement. The sewing machine was pulled out and book covers made from Laurel Burch fabrics in stash. It is hard to find covers for trade paperbacks or books with more than 400 or so pages. As most of my books tend to be rather large, I decided to take it upon myself to design and sew some myself and I must say they turned out pretty terrific. Laundry is all done and floors are clean. I have gotten some last minute Christmas knitting done, and have enjoyed every evening sitting in my living room watching Christmas shows and seeing the twinkling lights on my tree.

On my nightstand now is The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart. I haven't read the Arthurian books in a long time and have found lots of new authors which will be shared with you as I get to them. Most of the Arthurian authors call for this series to be read first and they have built on it. Personally, I don't know where any of them would have been without T.H. White, but that's just my opinion.

Two more days and hubby will be home! Whoohoo!!


Guy said...

Hubby is in Hong Kong, the weather here is 80F and sunny. I look forward to the cold snowy winter and being with my HOT wife. I hope she has got here panties in her hand when I arrive!!!!!!!!!

Love you Becky, hubby

Jadielady said...

Becky I absolutely loved those books! I read them as a teen and I've been trying for months to remember a title or author. Thank you for mentioning it!