Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Love And Another Day!

The wedding was beautiful! This is my neice, Jessica, on her wedding day.

It's been a hectic week and a half and I'm glad to be getting back to a measure of normalcy. The Eastern Shore was very relaxing, the seafood awesome!!! I will not get on the scales at this time.

It's been good to get back to my little shop and make plans for a big happening. The 20th - 22nd of June is for a sale here at Knitters Knook! All in stock merchandise is going to be 40% off and that is a huge savings to everyone!!

I've been looking and making plans for the new fall inventory and I am very excited about the chance to bring new and luscious fibers to my knitting and crocheting family!

Look forward to seeing everyone those 3 days and hope to make plenty of room for more!
No I haven't forgotten to post pictures of Swan Lake, I still have to download them from the camera. Promise I will post them soon. There is a lot of catching up to do. I must try to update all my projects on Ravelry as well.
Have a great few days and I will catch up with you all soon!


Dana said...

Ah ha...after much coaxing on Becky's part, the "comments" finally come up!

I'll say it again, Jessica was a GORGEOUS bride and I'm so glad you had a great trip.

Ahhhhh...seafood. That's one of three things I miss about my old home. :)

Betsy said...

Becky has a blog! Becky has a blog! you can join me in trying to keep it updated.

I'll be in today to drop some $$ at your sale :>)

Spinning Lara said...

Your neice looked stunning! The sale at your shop was so much fun, and the shop is great!

No comment on the seafood, Im in such withdrawl.....just a little lobster would do me for a long while.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky
Cant get through with email- hope this works- having fun in Thailand
HOpe your sale was great See you in a couple of weeks