Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the birth of our nation and with that also the freedoms that we all enjoy here in the United States. I've heard a lot of people complain about the US and its government, but I never hear anyone say , "Oh my, I just hate that I CAN complain about my country and get away with it!" Folks, we are way lucky to live here and I have traveled a lot, but I always love to come back to my home, in my little piece of this vast and varied nation. Every Government has its flaws and ours is no different. I may not always agree with the things that my President does, but, no matter what party or agenda, I will defend my country to anyone anywhere. It's all up to us to make the difference in the choices that we make, but isn't it great to have those choices?

I Love the USA!

The shop will be closed for July 4th day but will reopen on July 5th at 11 AM.

I Hope you all have a great celebration with friends, family and loved ones.

Oh, and if you have time, get a little knitting done as well!


Dana said...

Great post! I hope you had a good 4th of July. I'm sorry I didn't make it in Saturday as planned. Skan's tournament ran over (grrrrrr) and by the time it ended, you would've already closed.

I'll be by to see you soon. :D

KnitNana said...

So true! I'll see you on the 12th!