Friday, August 22, 2008

I Promise I'll Get Over It Soon!!

I just got this beautiful video from Jessey, you remember her, the beautiful bride. I just can't help it, I Love her!

Please go and watch!

The Minister is my dad. Handsome guy isn't he? The brides father is my older brother, he's handsome too.

Okay, I've wiped the tears away and am on to other things now!

New stuff is pouring into the shop and I will have everything that I ordered (I'm promised) by the end of October to first of November.

Lots of Eco Wool, Cashmere Lace, Cotton kisses sweater kits for the little ones, Alpaca Lace, Boku, Dream in Colors Classy and Smooshy, Jewel. Also Malabrigo, and Manos is on the way. Whoo Hoo!! Seems like Fall is good at the shop!

I always get inspired newly at this time of year to have lots of warmth ready to slip into very soon and the cooler nights are beginning.

Right now I am knitting a Weekend Neckdown Sweater from Brown Sheep Burly Spun. I am determined to have a very warm sweater ready to be put to use.

From all my indicators we are going to get an early Fall and I can't wait! The farmers around my house are cutting their corn and there's nothing like following behind a tractor pulling a trailer load of cut Silage and having the fine pieces of corn float all over and around you! It's like a snowstorm in the early Fall. The sun feels different when Fall is approaching and I have already felt that little difference in the air.

Can you guess what my favorite time of year is?


Dana said...

Hands down, Jessey was a gorgeous bride and the ceremony looked wonderful! Thanks for sharing the video; I enjoyed it. :) Yes, you do have handsome men in the family.

The new "Fall line" sounds wonderful and I'm excited for the both of us! LOL

Fall is my favorite time of year too.

Diana said...

Loved the videos. What a wonderful place for a wedding. A beautiful bride! I've been wanting to get some Dream in color!!

Dianne said...

What a beautiful bride!! Those good looks surely run in your family!
I loved the video, thanks for sharing..I felt like I was right there~