Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moving Right Along

Well things have certainly began to move very quickly for me! The big sale started at the shop today and was a huge success for the first day. My airline ticket is bought and the paperwork for the Visa is moving right along. Only things left to do-buy clothes, get last hepatitis shot and whatever other shots the CDC is pushing now for Asian travel, passport photo (UGH!!! who ever has a good passport photo!), absentee vote, pack, decide what knitting is going for a 6 week stay, and and I'm sure there will be more. Phew, that was a long sentence!

Leaving November 4th and will be back December 19th to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Don't know exactly when in January we will go back but will post when I know for sure.

We will have to find yet another apartment and decorate again (boy isn't that just awful to get to pick out furnishings and spend someone else's money doing it?). And I will finally get to see Elaine, Horace, and Victoria who some may know I was honored to be allowed to name. I haven't been able to see them since last July and am very excited about it!

I've been to China with hubby twice and I do like it. It is just like anything else in life, you have to adjust a little. But I am glad that we will be able to be together as the looooong times apart are very hard.

I feel like I have been the luckiest person alive to have had so many fantastic people come into my life and I cherish them all.

So here's to the next phase of life!

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Dana said...

How exciting! I know that you're dying to get your arms around Victoria again (and maybe Guy too). LOL