Sunday, November 9, 2008

On Monday Morning

Okay, I think that jetlag is finally over and sleep is caught up. The last few days have been sleep, wake, sleep, wake, and sleep some more. Finally feel able to think.

We arrived here on Wednesday night and checked in to our room which is spectacular! We have our own steam sauna! As soon as I finish unpacking I will get camera charged and take pictures.

Breakfasts are awesome here in the hotel and each morning I have been able to drag myself down to the Botanical Garden to sit and knit just for a little while.

I have been to the health club a couple of times and exercised to try to get myself back in the swing of things. The health club here is almost as good as your local gym or YMCA. And very well taken care of!

Each morning I am starting out with breakfasts of fruits and cheeses. The fruits here are out of this world as they are so fresh, but they do have Washington State apples! Just a touch of home to make any gal feel a little more in touch. The only way I can explain the grapes to you is small plum. I've never seen such huge grapes! And very tasty too!

There is a shopping center straight across from the hotel that is 4 floors and has a huge variety of things, but no yarn!

We were able to go out to dinner with friends Horace and Elaine the second night here and hope to see them again very soon.

Right now is the busy time for the factories as it is sample time and my husbands bosses are here to pick out the new items for their catalogs. He is very occupied for the next few days and then we will kind of be able to take a breath. The bosses are only here for a week and they are working 14 hour days while here going to sample showrooms. It is pretty amazing to walk in the sample showrooms here and see all the new furniture that will be gracing the homes in USA, and so much of it that it is a little overwhelming. They will pick what they believe their market will buy and it is very time consuming. I am so glad that I do not have to make these decisions!

In the knitting, I have been able to finish a hat and scarf that is a Christmas present.

And now to go exercise and to start unpacking so that I can show you all what I see everyday.

Take care and have a great Monday!


Dana said...

How exciting! I hope this "sample time" goes quickly and easily for all of you. You sound wonderful and I'm just thrilled for you! :)
Can't wait to see the photos!

Pam! said...

what an adventure! I can't wait to hear & see more.

Diana said...

The adventure begins!!! It does sound wonderful. Great food, plush surroundings, wow! Except all that shopping space and no yarn, what are they thinking??? ;)

Dianne said...

We're planning a yarn buddy trip to visit..and will bring suitcases of exchange for all the good food..saunas and being our travel guide..
Truly..I'm so happy to hear you're adjusting so quickly..pretty soon you'll be speaking that language as fluent as you were at Jersey Lily'