Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Live and Kicking

I haven't forgotten you I promise. I've been very busy getting accustomed to everything and meeting people that can help me become more comfortable with day to day life here.

It is much different here than in Virginia where I could jump in the car and go anywhere I wanted whenever I wanted. Here everything must be planned ahead and you get all you need or want while you are out. No taxi driver speaks English and so that is out of the question unless you really don't mind where you end up. I'm planning a trip into Hong Kong in the next couple weeks and have to wait for Elaine, my friend and Victorias mother, to get her Visa to go for the day. It will take about a week for her to get it. I have several addresses of yarn shops in Hong Kong that she will help me to find. Also, buttons are only 10 minutes away from me and we are planning a trip to Shenzhen in the next few days to see them. Elaine assures me that it is button city! How exciting!!

I found Chinese knitting magazines in Walmart of all places and will get some just for the novelty. I really enjoy the pictures!

But so far I am really enjoying being here!

I have started exercising everyday because the gym here at the hotel is just awesome. The food is very healthy and it is much easier to pick and choose now than it used to be. This past weekend we walked about 4 blocks and had lunch at The Bluebird Diner. I had pork chop and the best onion soup I have ever put into my mouth! Of course you still can't drink the water and ice is out of the question, so diet cola is very unpleasant warm and I carry bottled water with me everywhere. Someone put it to me the best way the other day. You come here and you have money to spend and you would love to have a slice of apple pie, but no matter how much money you have there is no apple pie to be had. Sodas taste absolutely nothing like they taste in the states even though they are Coke or Pepsi products. Commonplace foods that we eat everyday at home are completely different tasting here, and no amount of money can buy you what you are accustomed to.

My little girl Victoria got to come and visit with me for a couple of hours yesterday and it was so good to just get to squeeze on her for a little while. She has grown so much and is now 22 months old. She is quite a tall little girl and talks up a storm! Mostly in Chinese but she has some English vocabulary as well and is learning.

My knitting is progressing as well. I had a very big list of things to finish for Christmas gifts and it is getting smaller and I feel that it will be done before I come home.

A while back I asked you to guess who my favorite Beatle was and today while surfing I found this that should answer the question.

My Beatle devotion was always with George!

He was "not long for this world" but boy didn't he help to make it a little nicer?

I promised pictures and I am busily taking them and will have a very heavy picture post by the end of the week. Tune in on your Sunday for a visual treat from me to you!


Diana said...

Sounds like everything is coming together there! Hong Kong will be an experience I'm sure. Japanese knitting books in WalMart! Wow!
We sure miss you here but are happy for your adventure.

Dana said...

Diana said it best, "...miss you here but happy for your adventure."

Hong Kong should be a blast! Victoria sounds adorable and I'm really looking forward to all of your photos.

What's the weather like? We had SNOW today Becky. (Flurries with no accumulation, to be exact). Have fun in Button City and PLEASE take lots of photos there.
Have you seen the Cable Pillow w/Button Flange on Ravelry yet? I'm going to be doing those as X-mas gifts.

Dianne said...

Sounds like you're getting well acquainted and doing great for yourself..Miss you bunches but happy as a hog in slop for you!!