Sunday, November 23, 2008


I forgot how slow the server is here on Sundays. There is no way I can do pictures today!

I'm so sorry! I will try again tomorrow.

It's been a tough day here today. Can't go into detail, just a bad day. Oh, well, tomorrow is just around the corner!

Since I can't load my pictures for you I will let you hear what puts me to sleep every night. Our window overlooks the big park and they have a HUGE TV screen there. People come to socialize and enjoy their evenings and watch the entertainment. This goes on until around 11 PM. Also enjoy the beautiful scenery in this clip. I have been to several of these places and it is really beautiful.

Not a bad way to fall asleep, huh? Sometimes it is a little more lively and lots of drums, but later in the evening it is very soft and soothing.

While you are looking check out this one as well. They had a cultural arts show in the park this weekend and had this going on there. Absolutely amazing!

Dear Friends, have a great day!


Diana said...

Amazing beauty!!! I love the music in both videos too.
So sorry about your day. Hoping today and this week bring blessings galore!!

Dianne said...

Hope the next day will be better..sending you warm, huge hugs..of comfort and love~

Dana said...

Well, damn, I'm just as jealous as I can be! ;) LOL Seriously though, I do miss the daily adventure of life overseas and I'm am so tickled that you're getting the chance to experience it. So, is my room ready? Hee hee hee

The park....there are certainly worse ways to fall asleep (my neighbor's pit bull barking, for example). The music is beautiful. And the cultural event, just breathtaking. That must've been an absolute wonder!