Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Man Versus Yarn

Hubby has been complaining that my stash is taking over his life. The closet door in the small bedroom won't close and it offends him to see all that yarn! IMAGINE THAT!!!!!

I ask you, is this too much of a mess for a room that is supposed to be my storage room for yarn? As you pass the room this is what you see from the hallway.

This is what you see as you enter the room to the left,

straight ahead, but these doors close and you don't see this,

and to the right.

Turn around and this is the offending closet.

Okay, maybe I admit that the mess in front of the closet could be organized. I will also not mention the trunk of my car that is still full of stuff from the shop that has to be put into this room somewhere.

Still, I ask you, Is this too out of control?

My first finished object of 2009? Clapotis! Yeah, I'm awfully late to this party, but I have to say it was amazingly fun and I will have the pictures as soon as it is blocked.

I'll leave you with a picture from China. A tea room and enjoying a tea ceremony and tasting.

I'll keep you all informed on the battle of the sexes as it unfolds.


Anonymous said...

I bet hubby still loves you even if he cannot turn around in this room.

Nikki said...

not surprisingly, I'm on your side ;) not too much yarn!

can't wait to see your clapotis!

Margene said...

My room looks much worse than yours. At least you can see (and walk on) the floor!