Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still Here!!

Hey Everybody! I know it's been a loooong time since my last post but a lot has happened and I'll try to catch you up.

First, I have been going with Hubby to some of the factories just to see what they make and how they work. It has been very interesting. We went to an art factory and man that was impressive! Oil paintings done by hand, each one unique. Same design but unique because each painter does things just a little differently, even though they need to be as close to the same look as possible. Not able to take pictures there for obvious reasons so you'll just have to take my word for it when I say WOW!

Norman, the factory owner, looks just like an American Indian! Long black hair, high cheekbones, slim. Put some buckskin on that boy and a feather in his hair, then slap him on the back of a horse and the wild west could be reborn! Okay, enough of my fantasies! Norman was kind enough to give me a very large roll of super quality cotton canvas that is primed and ready to be painted upon. I have dabbled with oils a little in the past, a very little, and I am going to dabble a little more now. Thanks Norman!!

Hubby was gone for a few days and I was able to watch all of the award nominated movies. Some were good, some were just plain bizarre! One thing is surely true; to be nominated for an award, it has to be depressing. I absolutely Love F. Scott Fitzgerald but the man has his dark side! Take time to read the story, though, it is very good.

When Hubby came home he was sick for a week, the Delhi Belly I've heard it called, but it was definitely from China. He is getting back to his self again now and hopefully this is the only episode for this trip! He and I will be jetting off to Hangzhou tomorrow for a few days and I will be visiting factories there with him. New area, new sights I say!

Also, there has been a lot accomplished on the knitting. (After all this is a knitting blog.) February Lady Sweater--Done! It's beautiful and I LOVE it! It's Dream in Color Classy Happy Forest colorway purchased at Mosaic as were the buttons. Aren't they pretty?

I haven't blocked it yet, but when it is blocked it will come together in the front easily and be just perfect for this time of year at home.

Also knit the Lenore socks from STR Sock kit from 2007. Boy am I behind on that! They are very Lovely, though and feel nice and smooshy on my feet. The pattern is just awesome and so fun to do that it seemed like they took no time at all.

Also finished three of the Prairie Schooler Cross Stitched Santas. I want to finish these and have them framed here and see what the cost will be. Let's just say I'm curious! I have finished 1984, 1985, 1987, and am currently working on 1986. These were the first four and I have all of them up to the present. I am a big fan of Santa!

And my neighborhood by night.

Good night everybody and talk to you all again soon!


Robin said...

Oh...your sweater is gorgeous!! Glad to hear from you.

Jadielady said...

Beautiful sweater and socks!!! It sounds like everything is going fairly well.

(this is Dana & Dianne's friend who came by after Nosoknit)

Diana said...

Sweater looks great on you and it's good to see you too.
So you're a painter too? Have fun with that canvas!

Dianne said...

Pretty the color and buttons..looks great on you!
I'm so happy you're able to travel with hubby..what fun you must be having!
I had a real Becky Day..last week..I went to stash to pick some yarn..and I pulled out some multi colored cotton Mission Falls(I'd bought to make your market bag)..but I had a mission of making a shawl from it because I wanted to try another method for 'M1'..I worked and she was bathed and gifted to yet another fan of yours we'll just see about getting a photo of the shawl from Beckys shop on a blog!
Stay safe..and enjoy the avenues your life is taking you will be tales you can share with your grandchildren..
Sedalia is BOOMING!..We've filled the Pavilion and the inside is growing rapidly..
I always look forward to your posts..even if I am days late finding them..hehe
Love you,

Nikki said...

LOVE your FLS!!!

I'm glad you're getting to go travel with Hubby!! :)

Dana said...

Your sweater is gorgeous and your adventures sound wonderful! I'm really happy for you. Hope the hubby is completely recovered now!