Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Here I Come!

These are not resolutions, just plans. I can't commit myself to say resolutions or right away I am resenting that I HAVE to do something. I guess it all goes back to my youth and the antiestablishmentarianism of those times. Whew, that is a helluva word! Said it lots, never typed it, wow!

Anyhoo, I plan to get healthier this year. If a perk of that is weight loss then much the better. My plan is just to eat well and get moving.

I plan to read a book a week, which is not unusual but will continue.

Several people here in blogland have done what they call a personal sock club. Already have mine bagged and ready to go and will have 12 pairs of socks at the end of 2010.

Write more, here and in my journals. Draw more.

Thanks to the commenters, you're all special to me.

Hope your 2010 is treating you well so far. We will all travel it together.

Oh, another plan is to take more pictures for this here blog! ;o}


Diana said...

You're amazing! A book a week? I am an avid reader too but I don't think I could accomplish that one.

Draw? Well, I should have known you'd be multi-talented!!

KnitNana said...

Sounds like some attainable goals! (I ended up knitting more than 12 last year with my PSC, but I decided not to overdo this year - I'm running out of sock drawer space!)

Dana said...

"Plans," I like that word and it sounds like a good idea. You and I share similar ideas of what to accomplish this year (except I'll knit felted slippers instead of socks). lol

Dani said...

It was good to see you yesterday Becky. I hope that your MIL improves. Sleep sounds like an excellent plan!