Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Almost February?

This month has flown by and I haven't posted any! Sorry!!!

Hubby left for China on Sunday the 10th and had to come home on the 17th. MIL has been in the hospital since the 9th. We didn't know that it was going to turn into such an ordeal for her. She has since had her left leg amputated and they have discovered leaking valves, extremely low blood pressure, and fluid around her heart. The doctors were able to stop the progression of a second heart attack. She has become confused and nervous and it has been so hard on her and the members of her family that have had to see her this way. We have only missed one day going to see her and it is so draining, physically and mentally. Tonight she almost broke my heart- when someone begs you for help and you can't help, it is just heartrending. Tomorrow they will maybe move her closer to us to begin some therapy and we will have to see how everything else progresses.

Also, I taught 3 classes this month at Yarn Explosion and am planning my next sets of classes. I've enjoyed it enormously!

My plan to read a book a week? Yep, going strong! When Christ and his Saints Slept is a fabulous read and I actually missed it when it was done but the good thing is there are two more books in the series so I can go back to these characters and pick up where I left off! Death in the Stocks is the third Georgette Heyer mystery that I have read and they just keep getting better. I love early 20th century writers! The language and humor are just wonderful! Finished Fer-De-Lance and read the second novel, The League of Frightened Men. Again another early 20th century author and I can't tell you how much I truly enjoyed these mysteries. Nero Wolfe is an eccentric, and his personality is so true to his character. I have already bought several more Rex Stout and can't wait to dive into them! The current book on the nightstand is this one. I'll let you know.

In February I will be receiving something very special and will let you know all about it then! I can hardly wait!

Will have the first pair of socks for personal sock club done by the last day of the month. It's been a close race with everything that has been going on and the preparatory knitting that I have been doing for classes this month as well, but I am pretty sure that I'll get there!

My friend Roseanna and I have been able to catch two matinees this month. We saw Avatar in 3D which was just one of the most awesome things I have ever seen for the animation. Also caught Sherlock. As a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his Sherlock I had to get past Robert Downeys looks as the master deducer, but he had the personality down to perfection. The fighting and action part was not true to the original stories either, but it was enjoying none the less. We are going to try to catch as many as we can because during the week the matinees are great!

Phew! Just reading back over what I have written made me suddenly feel very tired. I think it is time for that long winters nap!


KnitNana said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. Will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers, such things are just so hard.
Can't wait to see your first socks.

And I'm going to guess: You're getting a NOOK?

Nikki said...

Oh Becky! I'm so sorry to hear of your MIL's illness/health troubles. :( Many thoughts and prayers are with y'all...

but yay on the socks and reading!

Dana said...

Ooooh, my heart hurts for "Mom Guy" & your family. I'm sending lots of warm thoughts your way!

It was great to see you at YE and to know that you're back in the classroom again. :) Have fun with the upcoming classes. The books and movies sound wonderful (making the most of being home).