Thursday, December 2, 2010


I hope all of you here in the States had a lovely Thanksgiving!

We had a lovely day and ate way too much good stuff. Hubby said it was the best Turkey he had eaten in years, and that is high praise from him. I think it was because this is the first year that I had a fresh Turkey and will definitely do it again next year.

Christmas is not far off and after that the New Year. My goodness, this year has flown by it seems.

There are some pretty cool happenings in my little hometown this weekend. Our Christmas parade and Downtown celebration, as well as a trunk show at the local yarn shop.

There have been full classes at the shop in which I work and I couldn't be happier!

This is my favorite time of year. I love the anticipation and the decorations, shopping for the perfect gift for the few we buy for, the cozy nights at home with the man, and of course all the holiday foods!

Wherever you are I hope that you can find the time to enjoy the season in your own way.

Bye for now friends!

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Nikki said...

I had my first fresh turkey too! It was yummy... I'm glad y'all are here for the holidays!